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Hey everyone! :)

Due to a desire to get Leaf And Vine more actively pursued, and with timing due to serious financial troubles right now, I'm making commissions available/promoting them, and at discounted prices. Depending on medium and size this is anywhere from 30-60% off of what I'd normally charge. I do a variety of things around this joint, so take a look-see and consider if there's anything you may want. There's tarot readings, various artworks, jewelry, knitting, and soaps, to name a few to start. I have additional and more extensive (and therefore expensive) items as well; those are listed up to a point and you can certainly ask after larger if desired. Not to sound like a salesperson, here (oh wait, except I am); I just like being able to meet my expenses and pull my weight. ;) Eating is a good thing.

I should mention that to those sensitive to energy-work, my work tends to be very prone to it. If you want a piece for spiritual purpose, this can be a really awesome thing, as my energy-work when crafting is adaptable to the individual client. My favorite type of work to do (aka: nerdy geeky specialty ^_^) is spiritual or religious works, be it in art or jewelry or whatnot, and no matter what religion we're talking about, so please don't be afraid to ask me about that! I don't charge or consecrate/devote the items, unless requested, as I know there are many energy-workers and spirit-workers who prefer to do that themselves. I really just enhance the natural energies of the pieces, try to act as a channel to that energy. Depending on the item and subject, it can be a somewhat potent.

To those not sensitive to energy work, there is no real need to concern yourself with that. As I don't charge pieces unless requested and merely enhance natural energies, it won't affect you much differently, if any differently, than the pieces would if created by someone else. I've generally got a pretty fair instinct in telling approximately how sensitive to such things my clients are, especially if the client tells me more about what they want than less, so I can tone it down or up depending on what works. Often, the pieces sort of make themselves. It sounds weird to those who don't work the same way, but it's worked out pretty darn well so far. :)


One card draw: $5
Three card spread: $10
Five card or Six card spread: $15
Ten card spread: $23

(A one card draw is very good for questions with yes or no answers, or equally simple answers. Eg: "should I take this job or not".
Three card draws are very good for basic answers, and/or those that include a progression of time-either three cards explaining the near future, or three cards that display a "past/present/future" grasp of a situation. Clarification on a troubling situation or group of circumstances that you cannot understand nor find your way out of, or the answer to a question that can be answered simply or succinctly but not through yes or no, are very fitting for this.
Five card draws are basically more detailed three card draws, when time is relevant with the additions of "distant past" and "distant future", or when the question is too complex for three cards but not complex enough for ten.
Six card draws are three card draws with clarifications on the original three-for example, a past/present/future query that has two cards each for past, present, and future, which gives a greater understanding without expanding the time asked after. Ten card spreads are good for complex situations that have complex answers. As these are often rather deep and emotionally heavy spreads, I suggest these for situations that are very deeply troubling you but which need far, far more than a basic answer.

More cards can be added for clarification, within reason, but if enough extra are added I will charge more.)


I do a variety of things here, but the primary one is jewelry. I knit and sew as well, and am definitely happy to work that in as well, though those arts take longer to complete.

Standard Necklace (one strand plus pendant/wire-wrapped stone): $15
Standard Earrings (simple post or hook dangle earrings): $7
Standard Necklace and Earrings set: $20
Standard Watch, Bracelet, or Anklet (Bracelet and Anklet, one strand; watches, two parallel strands): $10

Complex Necklace (two or three strand plus pendant/wire-wrapped stone): $20 and up
Complex Earrings (chandelier dangle earrings): $10 and up
Complex Necklace/Earrings set: $25 and up
Complex Watch, Bracelet, or Anklet (Bracelet and Anklet, two strands plus; watches, two connected strands plus or three parallel strands plus): $15 and up

Standard socks, hat, scarf, shrug, gloves, or other accessory (two skein, no or simple pattern, cotton or acrylic yarns): $15
Complex socks, hat, scarf, shrug, gloves, or other accessory (two skein, more complex pattern or different fiber of yarn (eg: silk, bamboo, wool)): $20 and up

Sewn items: No standard price, by request only. Accessories (purses/bags, hats, shrugs, etc) and clothing are what I am most proficient in.


Here I work in a variety of mediums. My primary are soft pastel, charcoal, acrylic paint, and ink/calligraphy pen. I use a variety of papers as well, usually pastel, charcoal, and watercolor papers, as well as bristol board for the inks. Paintings can be done on canvas board, or canvas; I do not use canvas paper. Canvas board may warp slightly; this is the nature of the board. My primary subject matters are people, animals, and nature (I'm better with women than men but can do both); my style is realistic (not photorealistic), and I am not particularly skilled at cartoons but can do renderings of characters in not-cartoon style if desired. All rights to pieces containing original characters not ours belong to the client, if I am commissioned to render original characters. With all other pieces, I retain the rights to the image but the original artwork will belong to the client.

Acrylic painting on canvas board, 8x12" and under: $20
Acrylic painting on canvas, 8x12" and under: $30
Acrylic painting on canvas board, 8x12"-12x18": 30
Acrylic painting on canvas, 8x12"-12x18": $45
Acrylic painting on canvas board, 12x18"-18x24": $40
Acrylic painting on canvas, 12x18"-18x24": $60
Acrylic painting on canvas board, 18x24"-24x36": $55-65
Acrylic painting on canvas, 18x24"-24x36": $70-75

Ink on paper, full rendering, 6x6"-10x10": $12
Ink on paper, full rendering, 10x10"-11x14": $15
Ink on paper, full rendering, 11x14"-12x18": $22
Ink on paper, full rendering, 12x18-18x24": $30
Ink on Bristol board, full rendering, 6x6"-10x10": $15
Ink on Bristol board, full rendering, 10x10"-9x14": $17
Ink on Bristol board, full rendering, 9x14"-12x18": $25
Ink on Bristol board, full rendering, 12x18-18x24": $33

(Ink can be done in either color or black and white.)

Black and white Ink sketch, paper only, 6x6"-8x8": $5
Black and white Ink sketch, paper only, 8x8"-12x12": $7

(Ink sketches not available in smaller or larger sizes than listed.)

Pastel or Charcoal on white paper, 8x12"-11x14": $20
Pastel or Charcoal on white paper, 11x14"-12x18": $25
Pastel or Charcoal on white paper, 12x18"-18x24": $30-35
Pastel or Charcoal on colored paper, 8x12"-11x14": $22
Pastel or Charcoal on colored paper, 11x14"-12x18": $27
Pastel or Charcoal on colored paper, 12x18"-18x24": $32-37

(I can work with quite large canvases or papers, however prices for these are on request.)


Herbal Products:
This is something that I'll be able to add to the list in the very near future; I will have more information available about this branch of products (and, hopefully, more varieties in products, eg: candles, liquid soaps, tea mixes, satchets, etc) when the products become available. Listed scents are projected, not guaranteed as of this moment.

Natural soaps: $3 a bar, two for $5.
(Lavender, lavender oatmeal, mint and rosemary, old fashioned oatmeal, rose petal/rose water, vanilla almond.)

Natural body fizzes: $4 each, two for $6.
(Lavender, cinnamon.)


Listed prices do not include shipping, are approximate, and may vary depending on specifics of project. Estimated delivery time depends on the product and the art involved.

If you chose tarot, then I can do a reading without you present, but if there is some method of communication (e-mail, instant message, or phone), then the quality of the reading will be better and as it's much easier for me to read when in contact with whom I'm reading for, you'll likely get it a day or few sooner. If I am reading for you in person, then I do not need to hear the query, but if it is over a distance then I will need to know the question you are asking since you will not be present to handle the cards yourself (an important step). No promises on the results of the reading; we read what is there to read, and that may or may not be what you want to hear. That's the way of the cards. All information is strictly confidential.

If it's sewing or knitting, then your delivery time is widely variable depending on the project in question and how complex/time consuming it is, whether or not I already have the materials on hand, and also on our schedule. The same can be said about jewelry and art, but the smaller pieces will be more simple for me to complete quickly and promptly. Everything I create is variable depending on what my school and (hopefully) work schedule allow, though I will obviously do my best to be absolutely as prompt as possible.

The soaps and bath fizzes are coming soon; once I have the materials in hand for these they will become available (and you can back/pre-order them if you wish). If I run out of a particular variety then I am out until I get my next batch of supplies in. Feel more than free to request a certain scent/type of soap if you don't see it immediately available; I'll do our best to meet requests. My soaps are not currently made with essential oils (they will be in the future), but they ARE made with herbs (or, in the case of any oatmeal soaps, oats). The available varieties can be made available scented or unscented. Availability not guaranteed.

Everything we do is handmade. Barring the scents used in the soaps and the artistic products, I use all natural products. This is including my jewelry; I use metal, bone, glass, stone, wood, shell and the like for my jewelry; you will not find acrylic in my pieces. All my products are worth more than I'm charging for them, but like I said, I'm discounting everything right now because I really need the money. ;)

For pieces under $50 I ask for payment in full before I begin work. For pieces over $50 a non-refundable 50% deposit is required (this covers materials and costs if you change your mind), and payment in full is required before the piece will be shipped. I do custom work (almost entirely custom work, actually, though some things are only semi-custom or standard); if anyone wants to ask about that just contact me and I'll get you a price as soon as I know more about what kind of piece you want.

I do also send care instructions for all pieces, certificates of authenticity, and in the cases of sewn items, spare thread and/or beads/etc (if applicable) so that mending can be done. If cared for properly, my jewelry and breakable items should not break. But, if proper care is taken and anything DOES break, just send it back to me and I'll fix it free of charge. I don't do refunds or exchanges as most products are customized and therefore very difficult to resell. I also won't replace things if they're damaged due to not following care instructions, or due to things like natural disasters, children, pets, clumsy adults, spills, etc. (In other words, I don't offer disaster insurance.) I figure if you're buying things and have those factors in consideration, you're going to have the sense to calculate those factors in when you buy a product. Except natural disasters...those just suck, but unfortunately it is just not possible for me to replace every product that is damaged outside our control. I'd go out of business. Maybe once I'm a major corporation, but not at this stage.

If anyone has any further questions about anything, including work I can do or clarification on policies and the like, then please feel more than free to ask. :) I love questions. Sample pictures are available (I didn't put them here because there's already a lot to check out). To get in touch with me, please email leaf.and.vine.designs at Gmail dot com. I have a phone number that can be used if desired but please use either PM or email first (because the intarwebs have ears ^^).


I'm also going to take the opportunity to let you guys know that my fiancee is a Mary Kay consultant. She's got a website you can purchase your products from, and if you're in the Denver area, you can order from her and if it happens to be in her inventory, she'll come to you with your product. She also gives free facials and facial parties locally by appointment in the evenings and on the weekends, which are VERY fun. Having been to a couple, it's really nice to spoil yourself that way. If you're not local, then she can mail you a facial in a bag, and that's almost as fun. The products are really quite amazing; I use them myself as well and I've not responded so well to any other line. If you don't already have a consultant, definitely check her out! It helps us and if you're into such things it's convenient for you no matter how you cut it. :) Her website, complete with contact info, is here.


Please please please feel more than free to share this around! It would help us out so much if you did. I will really appreciate any word of mouth given, especially right now. This is the beginning of a dream of mine, getting my work out there in the world, and the timing and boot to the butt just happens to work in my favor in that. ^_^ Thanks a lot!


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