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Rhiannon ([personal profile] rhiannonsystem) wrote2011-05-28 04:45 am
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ADMIN: Friends only/stickied

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Please comment to be added.
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Interesting name for your journal, I work with Rhiannon as well. Would love to be added.
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Pleased to meet you as well. I look forward to reading your journal. Are you a creative writer. I am a spirit worker and have meant a few British gods and goddesses who are associated with my system as well as Uriel and Anael.
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I'm an artist as well and have been working with mainly pastels over the past couple years and really like them although I worked in oil paint in the pastel too.

We have a similar situation with our system as well and I'm currently trying to identify with various spirits I like and seem familiar to me and I get along with the most. I get the impression that I got discovered by several spirits who I didn't want to discover me or work with me or do whatever the hell they are doing to me. I have meant a few archangels too some of which I like and some of which I don't like.